Baltimore’s last ‘Adult Movie Theatre’ to close this month.


The Baltimore Business Journal reports that the Apex in Fells Point, Baltimore’s last porn movie theater, will be auctioned off on October 11.

The place, which opened in 1942 and switched to porn in 1972, has been struggling for years. In his City Paper feature on the place in 2010, The Last Dirty Picture Show, Van Smith asked a cashier when would be the best time to come and find a crowd.

[He] thinks for a second, takes a sip from his paper cup, and says: “About 1965.”

The closing was inevitable – and as the BBJ points out, probably a good thing for the neighborhood – but we’re always a little wistful when we see a piece of Baltimore history go by the wayside.

These things still exist? Hasn’t anyone heard of the internet? All you need is a computer and internet connection, and its free. Nah, I’d rather pay 8 bucks for a ticket, grab some overpriced popcorn and a drink and do my business sitting within 50 feet of some homeless man.

I don’t know how dudes can even go there with the creatures that roll in there, most likely a combination of sex offenders, pedophiles, homeless, mongoloids,  ect. My guess is that these freaks get some rush being public. My advice to you weirdoes out there, move to Sweden ( and stop making us males look pathetic. You ever see a news report about women doing this in their cars outside of a Walmart/Elementary school? No. Part of the punishment for being caught doing this should be public isolation for at least 5 years. Jail won’t cut it for me, I’m thinking more like some random island in the Pacific with no inhabitants. Just essential supplies to survive and maybe a few books. When they are returned to society, I don’t think public business will be on their agendas.

Anna Kendrick is the only exception.


This is exactly how I expect the Apex to look like on a Friday Night:

Movie Theatre 1

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