What is going on with Homeland this season?


Two ducks in a row. The second episode was 40 minutes about Dana and Zach Hamilton(Dexter reference) sexting and whatever. Tonights wasted an entire episode of Brody doing nothing and Carrie still being crazy in a psych ward  The last 2 episodes have given us nothing, only Brody’s location and the new Muslim women working under Saul.

Whats going on Homeland? What happened with seasons 1 and 2? I guess the writers are running out of sub plots/ideas to keep things interesting. I’m guessing there will be a good episode soon but this needs to end. I need Carrie off the meds tracking some terrorist. I need Dana to get sent to boarding school and never be seen again. I need Brody to make some moves and do something for the first time this season. I need Mrs. Brody on screen, and I need it now.

The only plot going anywhere right now is Quinn; he’s up to something and I think it could be bad for the CIA. Him and Carrie teaming up to do some damage possibly? We’ll have to wait and see.


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