Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere: Mixed Emotions

Walking Dead

How confused were you in the beginning? Random people walking around, dating main characters, acting important. The first 10-15 minutes of the show had me doubting early, almost to the point of turning it off. As the episode continued on, things got interesting with the addition of D’angelo(Bob aka the other black guy) from The Wire to compliment Cutty (Tyreese, the jacked black guy). Upon meeting him we knew he was going to ruin something, and he followed through as planed.

When Rick meets the women in the wild who looks like a half zombie, what the fuck was he thinking following her? A.) she was disgusting B.) she looked like Grima Wormtongue(had to look his name up and searched creepy guy LOTR) from Lord of The Rings C.) it was obvious she was scheming. This of course leads Rick to almost dying and then having to watch the women commit suicide, which only damaged Rick’s already shaky mental state more.Grima

After D’Angelo tries to grab booze and the Zombies fall through the roof and eat that kid, how about Beth’s reaction when Daryl tells her. Stone faced and did not care at all. She was all over the kid 4 hours before and when she hears the news, she acts like nothing happened. I dont know what it is with her, but she has this heartless, I don’t care about anything attitude that could take her to the top(or the complete opposite).

At this point, there is like 5-10 minutes left and I’m sitting there wondering, great, what terrible plot line are they going to make up for next episode, and that random kid dies in the shower. Coughing up blood, sweats, bloodshot eyes, is this some kind of Zombie Flu? This was kind of terrible in my eyes. I don’t read the comic books but this little incident could cause a complete plot reconstruction if there is a disease. I enjoyed the crew fighting off Zombies and crazy people, but now they have to worry about people getting sick with the Zombie flu? Ehhh.

After watching the preview for next episode, it would appear there is no Zombie flu, but who knows with previews. Looks like there is some kind of Zombie infiltration on the jail, which could mean for a change of scenery in the near future, which could be a good move for the show.

Another thing: how much of a softie is Rick now? Never leaving the camp and just wondering around all day doing random things. Get it together Rick, the people need a leader, not some sorry loser. Also Carl, you are not a bad ass. Stop trying to be the man.

Did you know Beth(Emily Kinney) is 28 in real life? I thought she was legit 15. Now I don’t feel as creepy posting this picture.


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