Fells Point to stop giving liquor licenses. AKA no more new bars



The Fell’s Prospect Community Association joined the Fell’s Point Community Organization in endorsing a moratorium on new liquor licenses within the Fell’s Point Historic District….. A couple recent Liquor Board decisions indicate that the three-commissioner body has been weighing community input heavily. The board rejected an application for Crossbar der Biergarten in Federal Hill over the summer when large numbers turned out to protest the proposed establishment.

From the looks of it,  Baltimore community representatives are trying to shut down/limit the bar scenes all over the city including Fells Point, Federal Hill, and other hot spots. I know this for a fact, as my block had a meeting where our loser block leader gave some speech about how much he wanted the Beer Garden at Cross Street but couldn’t vote for it because it would cause problems in the neighborhood and bring more people into town on the weekends. Do these people/families realize they live 2 minutes from some of the best bar scenes in Baltimore? If you are sick of drunk kids walking around late at night and yelling/pissing everywhere, DONT LIVE IN FEDERAL HILL(especially 2 blocks from Cross St.)!

This block meeting consisted of 10 people 28 and under and about 6 or 7 people 30 and up. The people under 28 stood in silence waiting for this neverending meeting to end while the older people told tales of drunks kid yelling and waking up their dogs and how there were beer cans left on the street outside of their houses. These people knew when moving into this area that there were going to be problems because of the bar scene. Most people living in Federal Hill are in their mid 20’s and recent college grads who enjoy the social part, but are not the main cause of the problem. Students and other people cab into Fed Thursday-Sunday and wreck havoc. This is the part of the meeting when I got pretty mad; the block leader basically blamed the block residents for the issues that the older people spoke of and threatened us with some $500 disorderly conduct fine that cops will be giving out. I almost left at this point.

These people need to realize that part of city living(especially Baltimore) is loud weekends, lots of visitors, drunk people roaming the streets, crime, etc. If you want to raise your 5 cats in a peaceful quite neighborhood, move to Hunt Valley. The rent is cheaper and its all families and old people. Your only complaints there will be people rolling stop signs, but I’m sure you will find something to ruin there too.

Instead of voting off these awesome new additions to the bar scenes in Fed and Fells, just accept the fact that these places are were mid 20’s and college students like to spend their time on weekends and after long days at the office. Not only are you ruining the fun for yourselves by not voting for these additions, your ruining it for everyone else.

This meme reminds me of our block leader(he had a frat shirt on)


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