Maryland attorney general and governor candidate caught at high school party


Maryland attorney general Doug Gansler, a Democrat who is currently running for governor, came under fire this week after a photo surfaced of him at a partywhere many underage young people were drinking.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Gansler said he was only briefly dropping in on the party at a Delaware beach house to talk with his son, who was attending the bash, before leaving. He said he did not recall whether anyone was drinking, but he added that he did not believe it was his responsibility to intervene if they were.

Talk about bad timing for Doug Gansler. He’s running for governor of Maryland, and it looks like it will end at that. News like this is devastating for political figures, unless your in DC (Marion Barry) of course. To be completely honest, this little event wouldn’t change my vote. Not like I’m going to vote anyway, but people take things like this way to serious. So what if the dude was spotted at a party with high school kids(and his son) drinking, there’s plenty of worse things he could have done.

He made a major mistake by saying he didn’t know anyone was drinking in his first statement. I’m guessing he didn’t see the picture yet because I would have denied it too if that was the case. But the picture has everything you need in it. Kids grinding, drinking, shirtless, everything that makes a high school party awesome. And then you spot Gansler in the middle of all this taking a picture of some kids drinking. Just an unlucky picture posted by some high school kid.

The best part of this story is that kids were tweeting and instagraming pictures under the title “eviction party”. This was no basement party with 20 kids trying to be quite. It was a Delaware beach house rager with kegs, hard liquor, probably some strippers and hard drugs in there as well. Also love him saying “My responsibility is only to my child. … Everybody has their own moral compass. Mine is to raise my own child.”, just what the people of Maryland want to hear from their Governor!  That’s a boss statement in the face of trouble. Doug Gansler for Governor 2014!

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