Annapolis High School bans twerking and grinding at Dances


It’s hard enough to explain twerking to parents. Now Maryland high schoolers have to explain twerking contracts.

Students who plan to attend the Annapolis High School homecoming dance usually have to sign a “dance contract” swearing that they won’t bust out “explicit” moves, CBS Baltimore reports. This year, parents also have to sign the agreement, which defines explicit dancing as “grinding…intimate touching of the breasts…buttocks touching a partner or in the air,” according to a copy broadcasted by WBAL-TV. Violators could be thrown out of the party.

No grinding or twerking at a high school dance? What are kids suposed to do then? Sit around and talk or dance by themselves? I bet you at least half the kids from this school don’t go to the dance and go drink and smoke weed instead. Really getting your point across to the kids here administration.

Not really sure what’s wrong with grinding, but banning twerking is no problem for me. It’s kind of weird. People caught twerking / griding will simply be thrown out. Such a harsh punishment here. That’s like the old no hooking  up rule for us 90’s kids. You get caught, you get the boot for the night, and next dance, you better believe I did not learn my lesson. The worst was when your parent/ one of your friends parents was a chaperone. Had to be really sneaky. In high school, the teachers normally were the chaperones and it was pretty funny seeing some of the dirty looks they gave you Monday morning after a dance. It was a look of disappointment, disgust, and most obviously, envy.

It’s obvious that the only reason this kind of protesting is going on is because of Miley Cyrus. She went from every 11 year old girl’s role model to this huge whore twerking on rappers and showing her tits and ass on national television. Just because ONE child actor/actress went bad doesn’t mean twerking and acting like Miley Cyrus will lead you down the wrong path, although it definitely could. Thanks for ruining the fun for everyone Miley.


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