Maryland Attorney General Candidates planning to make revenge porn illegal


Washington Post

“Revenge porn” is becoming a hot topic in Maryland’s race for attorney general.

Del. Jon S. Cardin (D-Baltimore County), among four hopefuls vying for the job, plans a press conference Wednesday to unveil legislation that would make it a felony to post a sexually explicit image of another person on the Internet without their consent.

Revenge porn is on the rise recently in the US because of the public views it as A.) awesome B.) its actually terrible and C.) people(lots of woman) are complaining they did not consent to posting the pictures. Okay, so, I’m a little torn on the subject. Revenge porn is the best amateur stuff out and it also has websites like and to check and see if your significant other is a whore, or if your just looking up random nudies of people you know. On a humane note, this is a pretty terrible thing to do to someone and could easily ruin their life. 

So from this, I would have to agree with the women on this one. Sure, they may have sent the nudie out and I’d love to say “they should learn a lesson from sending nudies out”, but thats just not reality. Nudies are much more common in this day and age, and in my opinion, they should be more of a personal library for dudes compared to sharing them online and with friends. If you break up with the girl and a friend asks if you have nudies, its 100% okay to show them, just don’t email or text them. Putting these things on the internet really makes you a scumbag. Also there are plenty of women that get paid to take dicks for a living, and it’s free to watch, so I agree with the uprise against revenge porn. Just think, if your a father or have a daughter, you would get a little piece of mind knowing this is illegal.