CBS Fucks up big time; Plays ‘Africa’ over a Nelson Mandela memorial montage



“CBS This Morning” raised eyebrows on Tuesday when it played Toto’s “Africa” while previewing an upcoming segment about Nelson Mandela’s memorial services.

The show played the hit 80s rock song to footage of people paying tribute to Mandela in South Africa, before cutting to commercial break.

CBS is going to be looking for a new Producer and Editor after this one. CBS gets coverage of the memorial of one of the most important and influential politicians and philanthropists of our time and they play Africa- Toto to a montage of people crying and celebrating his life(including his wife). Look, I love this song, nothing better than doing the rain dance at the bar at 2am, but were talking about NELSON MANDELA here. Was waiting for them to play ‘Waka Waka(This Time For Africa)’- Shakria after. Complete amateur hour. It’s pretty obvious the only choice here is a traditional South African song to lead into the comercial break. I would love for CBS to play ‘Africa’ at my memorial and have the crowd simultaneously bust out the rain dance, but once again, we are talking about Nelson Mandela.

You think things couldn’t get any worse and then the sign language impersonator was just making shit up. Dude had no idea how to sign and was thrown out there to make a fool out of himself. It’s not like he only did one speech, dude was out there fake signing for a solid hour +. Must have ran out of ideas after the first 3 minutes.  If I was this dude, I’d be sweating like a whore in church, knowing there was no chance this could be successful. Could you imagine being a deaf person and watching this? Must have been the most confusing/funniest thing of all time. Dude just signing random words that are not sentences and have nothing to do with Nelson Mandela. They probably got a good chuckle when they realized the dude was bullshitting. Or the complete opposite.


This is my favorite one. The NBA 3 pointer sign. Spot on.