Maryland Attorney General Candidates planning to make revenge porn illegal


Washington Post

“Revenge porn” is becoming a hot topic in Maryland’s race for attorney general.

Del. Jon S. Cardin (D-Baltimore County), among four hopefuls vying for the job, plans a press conference Wednesday to unveil legislation that would make it a felony to post a sexually explicit image of another person on the Internet without their consent.

Revenge porn is on the rise recently in the US because of the public views it as A.) awesome B.) its actually terrible and C.) people(lots of woman) are complaining they did not consent to posting the pictures. Okay, so, I’m a little torn on the subject. Revenge porn is the best amateur stuff out and it also has websites like and to check and see if your significant other is a whore, or if your just looking up random nudies of people you know. On a humane note, this is a pretty terrible thing to do to someone and could easily ruin their life. 

So from this, I would have to agree with the women on this one. Sure, they may have sent the nudie out and I’d love to say “they should learn a lesson from sending nudies out”, but thats just not reality. Nudies are much more common in this day and age, and in my opinion, they should be more of a personal library for dudes compared to sharing them online and with friends. If you break up with the girl and a friend asks if you have nudies, its 100% okay to show them, just don’t email or text them. Putting these things on the internet really makes you a scumbag. Also there are plenty of women that get paid to take dicks for a living, and it’s free to watch, so I agree with the uprise against revenge porn. Just think, if your a father or have a daughter, you would get a little piece of mind knowing this is illegal.

Annapolis High School bans twerking and grinding at Dances


It’s hard enough to explain twerking to parents. Now Maryland high schoolers have to explain twerking contracts.

Students who plan to attend the Annapolis High School homecoming dance usually have to sign a “dance contract” swearing that they won’t bust out “explicit” moves, CBS Baltimore reports. This year, parents also have to sign the agreement, which defines explicit dancing as “grinding…intimate touching of the breasts…buttocks touching a partner or in the air,” according to a copy broadcasted by WBAL-TV. Violators could be thrown out of the party.

No grinding or twerking at a high school dance? What are kids suposed to do then? Sit around and talk or dance by themselves? I bet you at least half the kids from this school don’t go to the dance and go drink and smoke weed instead. Really getting your point across to the kids here administration.

Not really sure what’s wrong with grinding, but banning twerking is no problem for me. It’s kind of weird. People caught twerking / griding will simply be thrown out. Such a harsh punishment here. That’s like the old no hooking  up rule for us 90’s kids. You get caught, you get the boot for the night, and next dance, you better believe I did not learn my lesson. The worst was when your parent/ one of your friends parents was a chaperone. Had to be really sneaky. In high school, the teachers normally were the chaperones and it was pretty funny seeing some of the dirty looks they gave you Monday morning after a dance. It was a look of disappointment, disgust, and most obviously, envy.

It’s obvious that the only reason this kind of protesting is going on is because of Miley Cyrus. She went from every 11 year old girl’s role model to this huge whore twerking on rappers and showing her tits and ass on national television. Just because ONE child actor/actress went bad doesn’t mean twerking and acting like Miley Cyrus will lead you down the wrong path, although it definitely could. Thanks for ruining the fun for everyone Miley.


Maryland attorney general and governor candidate caught at high school party


Maryland attorney general Doug Gansler, a Democrat who is currently running for governor, came under fire this week after a photo surfaced of him at a partywhere many underage young people were drinking.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Gansler said he was only briefly dropping in on the party at a Delaware beach house to talk with his son, who was attending the bash, before leaving. He said he did not recall whether anyone was drinking, but he added that he did not believe it was his responsibility to intervene if they were.

Talk about bad timing for Doug Gansler. He’s running for governor of Maryland, and it looks like it will end at that. News like this is devastating for political figures, unless your in DC (Marion Barry) of course. To be completely honest, this little event wouldn’t change my vote. Not like I’m going to vote anyway, but people take things like this way to serious. So what if the dude was spotted at a party with high school kids(and his son) drinking, there’s plenty of worse things he could have done.

He made a major mistake by saying he didn’t know anyone was drinking in his first statement. I’m guessing he didn’t see the picture yet because I would have denied it too if that was the case. But the picture has everything you need in it. Kids grinding, drinking, shirtless, everything that makes a high school party awesome. And then you spot Gansler in the middle of all this taking a picture of some kids drinking. Just an unlucky picture posted by some high school kid.

The best part of this story is that kids were tweeting and instagraming pictures under the title “eviction party”. This was no basement party with 20 kids trying to be quite. It was a Delaware beach house rager with kegs, hard liquor, probably some strippers and hard drugs in there as well. Also love him saying “My responsibility is only to my child. … Everybody has their own moral compass. Mine is to raise my own child.”, just what the people of Maryland want to hear from their Governor!  That’s a boss statement in the face of trouble. Doug Gansler for Governor 2014!

Ja Rule to release jail cookbook

ja rule 1

Ja Rule is joining the ranks of 2 Chainz, Coolio and Tony Danza. The rapper is planning to release a microwave cookery book using the skills he learned in prison.

The 37-year-old rapper, who was born Jeffrey Atkins, served almost two years behind bars for tax evasion and attempted criminal possession of a weapon. While he was inside, the food was not to his liking. This dissatisfaction forced him to prepare his own meals using the tools he had on hand, namely, a microwave. “He explained that while behind bars he learned to cook anything and everything in a microwave,” an anonymous insider told the New York Post’s Page Six, claiming that included everything from lasagna to cheesecake.

Ja Rule’s prison cook book is set to hit the shelves in the near future, and I see this being a best seller in no time. Who doesn’t want a cook book to teach you how to cook Ramon Noodles with pasta sauce and cheese and call it lasagna? Ja Rule claims to have put on 30 pounds in jail, which is a feat in itself, strictly from his cooking. I may be jumping the gun here, but this sounds like a chance for a golden reality TV show. Ja Rule and Paula Dean staring in Ghetto Gourmet, a show teaching the poor how to cook cheap, unhealthy microwavable meals. Paula Dean needs to clean up her image, and there probably isn’t a better way to do so than pairing up with recently incarcerated Ja Rule.

As a poor recent grad living off my small paycheck every few weeks, as well as being a huge Ja Rule fan, I think this book will be a must buy for me. Also, if there is not a Ja Rule album released within the next year, I will be deeply upset.


Bryant McKinnie traded to Dolphins


The Dolphins offensive line has been struggling all year so they agreed to send a late pick for Bryant McKinnie. Not sure if this move is going to help their offensive line situation, and its obvious the Ravens are done with McKinnie, so this is a win win for the Birds. McKinnie’s off field issues have been a major problem, and I’m not going to lie, I will miss his stories in Baltimore. Fights, strippers, drunken antics,  entering camp overweight and out of shape every year, McKinnie is always good to give us a laugh.

McKinnie’s Birthday party strippers, including ‘Sweat Pea’. The chick with the McKinnie jersey is a real keeper.

Sweet Pea

Ravens at Steelers Reaction


My 17-14 Steelers prediction was close. The Ravens ran for 82 yards on 26 carries and got to Big Ben 3 times. I said the Ravens would win if they ran for 100 and sacked Ben 5 times. Very close. Antonio Brown killed the Ravens in the 4th quarter with screens and crossing routes. The Steelers run game was on as well. Levon Bell had himself a game, hitting the holes hard and not going down on first contact. The Ravens D played a solid bend but not break style the entire game but the Offense was terrible again.

The Ravens need to establish some sort of identity on offense. Last year it was run up the middle and play action. This year has been a struggle to establish the run early, which leaves the Ravens in 2nd and long situations. Jim Caldwell needs to figure this problem out very soon or the Ravens are going to miss out on the playoffs.

NFL Week 7 Picks


Tampa Bay at Atlanta(-6.5) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: Atlanta(-6.5) should win this by at least a TD.

Cincinnati at Detroit(-2.5) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: Cincinnati(+2.5) is 4-2 and getting no respect. Defense has been excellent

Buffalo at Miami(-8) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: Buffalo(+8) covers in a close one

New England(-3.5) at NY Jets – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: New England(-3.5) Brady is sick of hearing all this nonsense about Geno and whoops them.

Dallas at Philadelphia(-2.5) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: Eagles(-2.5) Vegas throwing a trap bet at us?

Bears at Washington(Pick) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: Bears handle the shitty Redskins

St. Louis at Carolina(-7) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: Rams(+7) they’ve won 2 in a row and cover in a close one in Carolina

San Diego(-8) at Jacksonville – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Pick: San Diego(-8) I dont like this game, Jacksonville looked good last week, could be another trap.

San Francisco(-3.5) at Tennessee – Sun, Oct 20, 4:05 PM ET

Pick: San Francisco(-3.5) should cover.

Cleveland at Green Bay(-10) – Sun, Oct 20, 4:25 PM ET

Pick: Cleveland(+10) this is a tough one, I think Cleveland loses by a TD.

Houston at Kansas City(-7) – Sun, Oct 20, 4:25 PM ET

Pick: Kansas City(-7) Keep riding the train while it lasts. Andy Reid and Jamaal Charles have been magical.

Baltimore(+2) at Pittsburgh – Sun, Oct 20, 4:25 PM ET

Pick: Steelers(-2) Stay away from this bet.

Denver(-7) at Indianapolis – Sun, Oct 20, 8:30 PM ET

Pick Denver(-7)Denver Another tough one, I think Peyton will throw for like 450 and 5 TDs.

Minnesota at NY Giants(-3.5) – Mon, Oct 21, 8:30 PM ET

Pick: Minnesota(+3.5) Giants remain defeated.


Tampa Bay at Atlanta(-6.5) – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

New England(-3.5) at NY Jets – Sun, Oct 20, 1:00 PM ET

Houston at Kansas City(-7) – Sun, Oct 20, 4:25 PM ET

Last Week: 6-8 (Yuck)

Overall: 6-8

Locks: 3-0

Ravens at Steelers Preview


The Steelers vs Ravens rivalry has been one of the best in the NFL over the past years. While both teams are not where they want to be right now, this should be a hard hitting, down to the wire, defensive battle that all Pittsburg and Baltimore fans are used to.

The Steelers and Ravens seem to have similar problems and strengths. Both teams have good defenses who can rush the passer. The Steelers have a better secondary while the Ravens front 7 is slightly favored over the Steelers. Both teams obvious problem: the offensive line. The Steelers lost Pouncey for the year and have struggled mightily in his absence.  They are last in the league in rushing averaging only 61 yards a game. Levon Bell is back from injury, but the rushing attack for the Steelers has been pathetic. The Ravens are not much better at 27th in NFL with 72.7 yards a game. Eugene Monroe, the former Jacksonville first round pick filled in for Bryant McKinnie last week and whiffed on a block that lead to a Flacco fumble that was returned for a TD right before the end of halftime. Not a good start buddy.

Both teams have very good defenses. The Ravens shut down the run well, but can struggle vs the pass. The Steelers can be run on, but have a top 5 NFL secondary in terms of passing yards per game. The Ravens have been trying all year to establish the run, and this could be the week. Eugene Monroe is a good run blocker and if Ed Dickson can block the tough OLBs on the Steelers, there could be some holes for Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. Knowing how this rivalry goes, I’m going to guess the Ravens and Steelers running games are both shut down and eventually abandoned by the middle of the 3rd quarter. This means Big Ben vs the inconsistant Ravens secondary and Flacco vs the tough and experienced Steelers secondary. The Ravens will need to pressure Big Ben and close the pocket. He is one of the shiftiest pocket passers in the NFL(science messed up on that one), and the Ravens need to utilize the 3-4 to mix up blitz packages. The Steelers will put Ike Taylor on Torrey Smith and play ball. This should be a bit worrisome for Ravens fans. The Steelers generally leave Ike Taylor on an island and let Troy Polamalu run wild, which means he will be in the middle of the field distributing crossing routes, running into the flat to get under curls, and blitzing like a mad man. 

With the Steelers at home, and the match ups being somehow favorable for the Steelers, I think this could be another L for the Ravens. If your looking to bet on the game, I’d go with the under. This will be a low scoring game, likely ending on a field goal or a missed 4th down conversion. 

Pick: 17-14 Steelers. I don’t have much confidence in either teams right now. Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders stretching the field scares me. If the Ravens pass rush can get 5-6 sacks and the the offense can rush for 100 yards, I would chalk it down as a win, but I don’t see that happening. 

Wizards return to Baltimore for 40th anniversary of move to DC, Melo back home.


To mark the 40th anniversary of the franchise’s move from Baltimore, where it spent 10 seasons, the Wizards are returning for an exhibition game against the New York Knicks on Thursday at Baltimore Arena. The matchup is significant for many reasons, given the bitter rivalry the Bullets once shared with the Knicks and the current presence of Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony, the New York forward who has yet to play an NBA game in his home town.

Not much of an NBA fan, but this article was a pretty good read. Melo returning back to one of his home cities(moved to Bmore from NYC when he was 8), the Wizards honoring the Baltimore Bullets. All good stuff, but the real reason I read this was because Earl Monroe was the head liner. After his reference in He Got Game (, how could you not become a fan.  Earl “Jesus” Monroe averaged 42 points per game for the Bullets. Absolute animal. Grew up playing street ball in Philly to toughen him up. One of the best to play the PG spot. According to Wikipedia “His high school teammates at John Bartram High School called him “Thomas Edison” because of the many moves he invented.” Now thats a nickname.

I love having premium television, based on the fact that Point Break, He Got Game, Road House and A Knights Tale are frequently on. He Got Game, other than Ray Allen’s acting, is phenomenal. Love how it’s shot, love the music, love the acting. Just a classic “Spike Lee Joint”. So many memorable scenes, the college visit, the meeting with the agent, the drive with Sweetness, Denzel knocking that dude out, but the one on one scene at the end is one for the ages. (


I bet you Ray Allen actually took these 2 hoes down off set, possibly on set.

Top baby names of 2013. Good Lord.


The Top 10 names for girls for 2013 so far, with asterisks marking those moving up fastest, are:

  1. Imogen
  2. Charlotte
  3. Harper
  4. Eleanor
  5. Amelia*
  6. Evelyn*
  7. Isla
  8. Violet
  9. Penelope
  10. Cora*

The Top 10 names for boys for the first nine months of 2013 are:

  1. Asher
  2. Finn
  3. Declan
  4. Atticus*
  5. James
  6. Oliver
  7. Henry
  8. Emmett*
  9. Owen
  10. Django

And the Top 10 unisex names are:

1. Rowan*
2. Quinn
3. Kai
4. Sawyer
5. Avery
6. Charlie
7. North*
8. Elliot
9. Finley
10. Emerson

And they blame the internet for bullying? How about parents stop naming their children Finley or Asher and see how low bullying plumets. Whatever happened to Michael, Robert, Brian, Katherine, Allison, Meghan etc? Are these names going to be extinct in like 100 years, only to become popular again in the year 2150 because no one has them? Look, I get it parents, you want your child to be unique, but naming your child North name because Kanye West and Kim Kardashian named their child that will not help the kid out.

Do you think its Hipsters reproducing? I just can’t pin point why this is happening.  It would make sense that after the Occupy movement ended, every chick in there got knocked up(too poor for birth control ) and decided to name their soon to be doomed child some random Hipster name. If anyone has any ideas let me know, because thats the only thing I can come up with.

Lets start with the girls names: This is not a terrible list. Charlotte, Eleanor, Amelia, and Evelyn are relatively normal names and can be shortened to Elly, Amy, whatever. Imogen? How is this in the top 10?  Imogen is not a name. I get that Shakespeare named one of his characters this but I guarantee years from now your daughter will wish she was named Ashley. Isla, Penelope, and Cora are other names that I dislike. Isla is Island is spanish, Cora, another spanish sounding word sounds like its a nick name. Penelope should not crack the top 50 list for girls names. Violet and Harper I can live with, still not in my top 50 for girls.

The boys list is embarrassing. The only acceptable names: James and Henry. To the parents that named their child Asher(moment of silence, shakes head and looks down momentarily), I wish I could sent social services to your houses and get the kid out of there before he becomes a failure in life. Can anyone name 1 successful person in the real world named Asher? Every Asher I can think of is a drug addict or a video game character. Asher Roth is not famous nor successful, sorry people. Finn is the name of the guy from Glee who overdosed and died. What a great person to name your child after. I’m surprised Heath wasn’t on this list (nothing beats Heath Ledger in A Knights Tale or as the Joker, RIP Heath).

Atticus is not bad, a classic name with some phenomenal people having it throughout history, but who would have thought teachers will have multiple Atticus’ in class? I remember there being like 3-4 Meghan’s in elementary school and the teachers would refer to them as Meghan A. or Meghan M. “Atticus R. please come to the front of the room” just doesn’t sound right.  Declan, Oliver, and Owen are all names you have heard but are very uncommon. I am not a big fan of these names, although I’m sure kids named Declan will have plenty of lady attention  in like 5th grade. Chicks seem to love that name. How is Emmett on this list? Just a bad name. If I met someone named Emmett, I would probably not becomes friends with them based solely on their name. And this brings me to the name of the year, #10 for boys: Django. I don’t think there are enough characters for me to go off on Django. I think you get the picture, although this was a phenomenal movie.

Terrible Unisex names: Rowan, Kai, Sawyer, North, Elliot, Finley, Emerson. To the future kids with these name, don’t let the bullies get to you. Start lifting early. When they come up to you next time, punch them square in the face. By the time your 8, that will probably get you thrown in jail, but no one will ever bully you again. And to all the Norths out there, when you turn 18, you can always change your name and move out of your parents house. Those are probably two things you should do immediately, especially you North West(if you are still alive by then).


North West

Charlie is a girls name? Did some research, its a little girl on the Disney Channel….

Edit: Katniss is also among the top 20 or so names for girls. People need to stop watching movies.