City of Baltimore plans to renovate Inner Harbor



City leaders unveiled an ambitious long-term plan for the Inner Harbor Wednesday designed to restore pizazz to a vital area that’s beginning to show its age.

The “Inner Harbor 2.0” plan calls for constructing a pedestrian bridge to connect Harbor East with Federal Hill, turning Rash Field into a grassy park and squaring Light Street to link McKeldin Plaza to the harbor amphitheater. Other elements include a kayak launch, bike share program and urban beach, featuring a floating swimming pool.

I moved to Federal Hill this year and was expecting the Inner Harbor to be amazing. Okay, before I start, the Inner Harbor is very nice, and a great place to walk around to kill time or get something to eat(pricey though). I expected there to be plenty of day drinking events, sports, concerts, etc, but it’s kind of boring. Adding a beach and park along with the bridge from Fed to Harbor East could really improve the social life down there. Bike share, kayaking, and other sports events will also be a plus. These renovations should hopefully bring some events to the Inner Harbor which will make it much more appealing for the 20-30 year old crowd. A lot of potential in this plan. I like what I’m seeing B-More.

Who Throws a Shoe?

A Georgetown women’s basketball player lost her shoe, tried to put it on while on defense, and then threw it in the air to try and block an uncontested shot that she should have been defending. Who throws a shoe, honestly? This little stint put women’s basketball back 20 years. After Brittney Griner brought her beastliness to women’s college bball and actually made some noise last year, this happens. They can never catch a break… Poor women’s basketball.

Clayton Bigsby Is a real person


A white supremacist who wanted to ban all black people from his town has been told he has 14% African ancestry.

Craig Cobb says he wants to turn Leith in North Dakota into an all-white enclave, but was told on a television chat show that he has DNA from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cobb, 62, dismissed the results of a DNA Diagnostics tests straight away, saying they were simply “statistical noise”.

Speaking to chat show host Trisha Goddard on The Trisha Show, he added: “I tell you. Oil and water don’t mix.”

This is one of the greatest things to happen in America in a long time. A white supremacist asshole trying to take over a town in North Dakota is 15% black. First thing that came to my mind obviously was the Chappelle Show skit about Clayton Bigsbys, the blind white supremacist that didn’t know he was black. Too many good one liners from that skit but my favorite had to be “In the past few weeks, Clayton Bigsby has finally accepted that he is a black man. And just three days ago, he filed for divorce from his wife…. you know the rest” Next thing I thought was ‘how many black people live in North Dakota?’ Leith, North Dakota has an estimated 15 people living in the town, half of which were white supremacists. 93.8% white and 6.2% black. That means 1 person was black. 1 person. This is the type of town I wish a drone strike would accidentally hit. These type of people are useless.

Whoever’s idea it was to bring this guy on air is a genuis. Even after they tell him he has ancestry from Africa, dude says “I tell you, oil and water don’t mix”. The final move of a desperate man. Hey Craig Cobb, honestly, go off yourself. There no place for that nonsense in America in this day and age. Stick to animals and farming, something your much better at.

How miserable must that single black person living in Leith be? Just trying to get by, make a living doing whatever  they do and Craig Cobb rolls around town trying to make it a white enclave. I would have bounced and tried to look for work somewhere else, but now I’m all about this black person living there. Standing up for black people everywhere by refusing to move from a racist town. They’re a modern day version of Rosa Parks. Keep doing you the only black person in Leith, North Dakota, we’re all rooting for you.

Ravens vs Bengals reaction


189 total yards of offense and the Ravens somehow beat the 6-3 Cincinnati Bengals 20-17. This game was painful to watch from an offensive standpoint. Neither team could get it going. Defensively, this was an impressive showing from both teams. 533 total yards of offensive, 6 turnovers, and 10 sacks combined. Other than a few miscues, the Ravens defense was dominant.

The Ravens offense is in serious trouble. The running game is pathetic and Joe Flacco continues to struggle. With the O-line in shambles, the Ravens need a new strategy. They need to  go with the Running Back who is more successful. Bernard Pierce was churning out 3-4 yard gains on his 8 carries, yet in the 4th quarter, Ray Rice(18 car, 30 yards) was getting a majority of the snaps. If Ray Rice isn’t getting 3-4 yards a pop, they need to sub Pierce in. If Pierce cools down, they need to go back to Rice. Every game it seems like one of the backs can barely get across the line of scrimmage while the other averages 3 to 4 yards a pop. Jim Caldwell needs to use more of a 1A 1B back system instead of Rice being the clear starter.

Defensively, the front 7 pressured Dalton all game. This led to 3 costly interception. James Ihedigbo capitalized off 2 pressured throws that he returned for 46 yards. The secondary played very well. Ladarius Webb, who had been picked on the previous few games, played the best game of his Ravens career. His interception was a great jump on a curl route by Marvin Jones. He was playing at 100% speed for the first time all season. Other than the Hail Mary, Webb really kept AJ Green in check. Elam and Ihedigbo finally played a full 4 quarters. The Bengals were able to move the ball on the ground, but the Linebackers and D-line were able to maintain with a 17 point lead. Terrelle Suggs and Elvis Dumervile were absolute beasts all game.

The hail mary play could have ruined the Ravens season. Ihedigbo was too tight on the pile and that quick deflection really took an unlucky hop off his hand. His reaction was what any safety would have done, so pointing a finger at Ihedigbo is wrong.

In overtime, Marvin Lewis should have never allowed the Bengals to go for it on 4th down. A punt there could have easily pined the Ravens inside the 10 yard line. The Ravens offense had been terrible all night, and after a 3 and out, the Bengals could have moved the sticks 2 or 3 times and kicked a field goal to win the game. Terrible coaching by the Bengals.

Bad news of the game: Haloti Ngata sprained his knee. This could be a huge loss in the run game. Hopefully he is good to go next week vs Matt Forte and the Bears offense.

Terrelle Pryor’s 2008 Big Ten Championship Ring sold on Ebay, has weed leaf on it.


Terrelle Pryor’s 2008 Big Ten championship ring that he sold for tattoos a few years ago sold again on Ebay for $18,000. First thing I noticed was the weed leaf on the side. After winning the Big 10 Championship, Terrelle Pryor decides to design his ring not with a football, the OSU logo, or anything football related. He went with a weed leaf. Really showed he had his Pryorities straight!

I can’t believe some moron actually paid 18,000 for this ring. When Pryor burns out in the NFL in 2 years, this will be a horrible purchase. He could have probably bought some scrub’s ring without a weed leaf on it for half the price.

Gotta love Oaklands QB situation right now. Heres a quote from Pryor in his final season at OSU before playing Penn State.


Justin Tucker hits game winning FG in OT; celebrates with cousin Terio ‘ohh kill um’ dance

Justin Tucker hits a game winning field goal in overtime and his first thought is to do the Cousin Terio- Ohh Kill Um dance? I love Cousin Terio and everything he’s about, but as a NFL Kicker, I think a simple jump and fist pump would have been sufficient.


Cousin Terio’s body defies physics.