Orioles and Tyler Colvin? Not so Fast.


Does this come as a surprise to anyone? When I picture the Orioles training staff/ team doctor.. I think of Dr. Frankenstein in a mad laboratory just absolutely cackling as they poke and prod every player who comes through. Once they deem them ‘unfit’ to play or something, a red light goes off and the trap-door opens. Bye bye baseball.

But really, I’ve been an O’s fan for as long as I can remember. Through the good and the Sidney Ponson. But come on, get it together. Need to put people in the seats and on Eutaw. First Balfour, now this.

O’s Ink Balfour to 2 year, 14 mil deal


The Orioles finally spent some money. Hopefully this move will mean a few more are coming in the next few days. Still need OF, DH, and a SP. Plenty on the market. I like Balfour a lot. Was an absolute stud last year posting a 2.59 ERA with 38 saves. Only 72 Ks, but he gets the job done, and is an absolute savage.  A’s fans loved this dude, would go wild when he entered the game. He’s the perfect closer to land in B-more.

A little surprised he went so cheap. I know he has injury issues, but dude was an All-Star and reliable all season.

O’s Feldman Leaves for Astros


(MLB Trade Rumors) 

The Astros have agreed to a three-year, $30MM contract with right-hander Scott Feldman, according to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports ). It’s been a busy few days for Feldman’s agent, Matt Brown, as he also represents Curtis Granderson, who just agreed to a four-year, $60MM deal with the Mets.

Feldman’s contract represents both a significant raise for the pitcher — he earned $6MM in 2013 — and a significant change in philosophy for the Astros. Houston trimmed payroll in 2013 to the point where Erik Bedard‘s $1.15MM salary made him the only Astro with a salary north of $1MM. By signing Feldman and acquiring Dexter Fowler and his $7.35MM salary earlier this week, the Astros are making good on their promise to fans that they will spend money this offseason.

I will be the first to admit I trust Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter. 100% absolute, complete trust in the rebuild of the Orioles. But, why are we still in rebuild mode? Shouldn’t we be putting the final pieces of the puzzle together to put ourselves in contention? We have the Yankees doing their usual spend, spend, spend (AND the Mariners, ha!), and we’re sitting waiting to pick up middle-tier guys. Newsflash, players want to be paid. In my humble opinion as a long-time suffering Orioles fan… give us the guys we need to win. Spend the money. Keep putting people in the seats and at the bar in center field. Bring people to the Yard to stuff their faces with Boog’s and down it all at Dempsey’s. The only way that’s going to happen, is if we win. The only way we’re going to win, is if we have the players in-place to do so. Feldman wasn’t the guy to take us to the promised land, but it sure seems like we have more holes to fill now than this time last year.

City of Baltimore plans to renovate Inner Harbor



City leaders unveiled an ambitious long-term plan for the Inner Harbor Wednesday designed to restore pizazz to a vital area that’s beginning to show its age.

The “Inner Harbor 2.0” plan calls for constructing a pedestrian bridge to connect Harbor East with Federal Hill, turning Rash Field into a grassy park and squaring Light Street to link McKeldin Plaza to the harbor amphitheater. Other elements include a kayak launch, bike share program and urban beach, featuring a floating swimming pool.

I moved to Federal Hill this year and was expecting the Inner Harbor to be amazing. Okay, before I start, the Inner Harbor is very nice, and a great place to walk around to kill time or get something to eat(pricey though). I expected there to be plenty of day drinking events, sports, concerts, etc, but it’s kind of boring. Adding a beach and park along with the bridge from Fed to Harbor East could really improve the social life down there. Bike share, kayaking, and other sports events will also be a plus. These renovations should hopefully bring some events to the Inner Harbor which will make it much more appealing for the 20-30 year old crowd. A lot of potential in this plan. I like what I’m seeing B-More.

Orioles Intrigued by Hudson? Sure! Why not?


(MLB Trade Rumors) “The Orioles are intrigued by free agent starter Tim Hudson and have discussed him internally, reports Roch Kubatko of MASNsports.com.  The 38-year-old righty fits the Orioles’ profile, and the O’s have Braves connections in recent hires Dave Wallace and Dom Chiti.”

This.. this is what dreams are made of. I would love to know what “the Orioles’ profile” is. I love this time of year– football season, NCAA Basketball has begun, and the MLB Hot Stove is just warming up.

Bottom line, our pitching stunk more than the poop plant in Essex last year. I love this team, but tough decisions must be made in order for us to move forward with the strong foundations we have in place in Davis, Machado, Bundy, Schoop, etc. Will a 38-year old Hudson, recovering from a severe ankle injury, be the missing piece to the puzzle? No. Probably not. But it’s a veteran presence in the clubhouse with enough dominant pitching experience to go around. I don’t just like it, I love it. Bring Huddy to Baltimore.

Justin Tucker hits game winning FG in OT; celebrates with cousin Terio ‘ohh kill um’ dance

Justin Tucker hits a game winning field goal in overtime and his first thought is to do the Cousin Terio- Ohh Kill Um dance? I love Cousin Terio and everything he’s about, but as a NFL Kicker, I think a simple jump and fist pump would have been sufficient.


Cousin Terio’s body defies physics.

Baltimore Man arrested for Faking Seizures To get out of restaurant bills for past 3 years



BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A man is in jail for scheming Baltimore restaurants out of hundreds of dollars. Baltimore City Police have dubbed him the “Dine and Dasher” and say he does the unthinkable to get out of paying his tab.

Rochelle Ritchie reports the man has struck restaurants at the Inner Harbor multiple times.

Police say the man fakes a seizure to get out of paying his bill and has been doing this for three years……

He has a palette for a more expensive taste too. Police say even the upscale steakhouse Sullivan’s lost out on more than $150 after Palmer collapsed to ground pretending to have a seizure to avoid paying for the following tab:

  • 4  Blue Moons
  • 1 chicken piccata
  • 1 split lobster
  • 3 Bacardi lights
  • 1 22 ounce ribeye steak
  • 1 strawberry blonde
  • 1 cup of coffee……. Palmer has a long rap sheet with 90 arrests and has been found guilty of petty theft at least eight times.

This guy is brilliant. Go to some fancy ass restaurant on the Inner Harbor, ring up a ridiculous bill, and just when you finish your meal, fake a seizure. Couldn’t think of a better way of getting out of a bill(maybe try running out of the restaurant next time?). This was not a one time thing, this occurred in hundreds of restaurants over 3 years. This dude likely stole around 50 grand in food and beers. Im shocked that I have never come across a story like this before because it really is an easy scheme that almost anyone could pull. Everyone, including the owners are so worried about this dude dying in their restaurant that they forget that ole Andrew Palmer ate a massive steak and lobsters and drank 15 beers.

How about this 150$ bill he had some steakhouse, talk about the luxury life. Getting fed lobsters, steak, and Blue Moons until you can’t move, and by can’t  move I mean fake seizure.

This is setting up for the old ‘Boy who cried wolf’ scenario(even though it a not the same boy). Some poor random dude is actually going to have a seizure in one of these up scale inner harbor restaurants and die while everyone watches in disgust of his ‘scheme’.  To you seizure people ou there, make sure you bring your EpiPen or whatever it is you use to stop seizures, otherwise that may be your last steak and lobster meal.

The only curious thing about this is the ambulance rides. It normally costs a a grand to ride in an ambulance  and from this story, it looks like the dude rode to the hospital most times. Just doesn’t add up.

Love the nickname Dine and Dasher. Sounds like an awesome villain name.

Wizards return to Baltimore for 40th anniversary of move to DC, Melo back home.



To mark the 40th anniversary of the franchise’s move from Baltimore, where it spent 10 seasons, the Wizards are returning for an exhibition game against the New York Knicks on Thursday at Baltimore Arena. The matchup is significant for many reasons, given the bitter rivalry the Bullets once shared with the Knicks and the current presence of Baltimore native Carmelo Anthony, the New York forward who has yet to play an NBA game in his home town.

Not much of an NBA fan, but this article was a pretty good read. Melo returning back to one of his home cities(moved to Bmore from NYC when he was 8), the Wizards honoring the Baltimore Bullets. All good stuff, but the real reason I read this was because Earl Monroe was the head liner. After his reference in He Got Game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdzfTA0jUUk), how could you not become a fan.  Earl “Jesus” Monroe averaged 42 points per game for the Bullets. Absolute animal. Grew up playing street ball in Philly to toughen him up. One of the best to play the PG spot. According to Wikipedia “His high school teammates at John Bartram High School called him “Thomas Edison” because of the many moves he invented.” Now thats a nickname.

I love having premium television, based on the fact that Point Break, He Got Game, Road House and A Knights Tale are frequently on. He Got Game, other than Ray Allen’s acting, is phenomenal. Love how it’s shot, love the music, love the acting. Just a classic “Spike Lee Joint”. So many memorable scenes, the college visit, the meeting with the agent, the drive with Sweetness, Denzel knocking that dude out, but the one on one scene at the end is one for the ages. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdI6vTEGeDA).


I bet you Ray Allen actually took these 2 hoes down off set, possibly on set.

Fells Point to stop giving liquor licenses. AKA no more new bars



The Fell’s Prospect Community Association joined the Fell’s Point Community Organization in endorsing a moratorium on new liquor licenses within the Fell’s Point Historic District….. A couple recent Liquor Board decisions indicate that the three-commissioner body has been weighing community input heavily. The board rejected an application for Crossbar der Biergarten in Federal Hill over the summer when large numbers turned out to protest the proposed establishment.

From the looks of it,  Baltimore community representatives are trying to shut down/limit the bar scenes all over the city including Fells Point, Federal Hill, and other hot spots. I know this for a fact, as my block had a meeting where our loser block leader gave some speech about how much he wanted the Beer Garden at Cross Street but couldn’t vote for it because it would cause problems in the neighborhood and bring more people into town on the weekends. Do these people/families realize they live 2 minutes from some of the best bar scenes in Baltimore? If you are sick of drunk kids walking around late at night and yelling/pissing everywhere, DONT LIVE IN FEDERAL HILL(especially 2 blocks from Cross St.)!

This block meeting consisted of 10 people 28 and under and about 6 or 7 people 30 and up. The people under 28 stood in silence waiting for this neverending meeting to end while the older people told tales of drunks kid yelling and waking up their dogs and how there were beer cans left on the street outside of their houses. These people knew when moving into this area that there were going to be problems because of the bar scene. Most people living in Federal Hill are in their mid 20’s and recent college grads who enjoy the social part, but are not the main cause of the problem. Students and other people cab into Fed Thursday-Sunday and wreck havoc. This is the part of the meeting when I got pretty mad; the block leader basically blamed the block residents for the issues that the older people spoke of and threatened us with some $500 disorderly conduct fine that cops will be giving out. I almost left at this point.

These people need to realize that part of city living(especially Baltimore) is loud weekends, lots of visitors, drunk people roaming the streets, crime, etc. If you want to raise your 5 cats in a peaceful quite neighborhood, move to Hunt Valley. The rent is cheaper and its all families and old people. Your only complaints there will be people rolling stop signs, but I’m sure you will find something to ruin there too.

Instead of voting off these awesome new additions to the bar scenes in Fed and Fells, just accept the fact that these places are were mid 20’s and college students like to spend their time on weekends and after long days at the office. Not only are you ruining the fun for yourselves by not voting for these additions, your ruining it for everyone else.

This meme reminds me of our block leader(he had a frat shirt on)


The Goose teaches Adam Jones how to eat crabs



How high is Adam Jones right now? We know he smokes all the time, but agreeing to eat crabs with the Goose? I wouldn’t be surprised if these two characters became friends and then Jones reports to Spring Training 30 lbs overweight after going on food binges with the Goose. Hey Jones, how about you work on some plate discipline instead of your crab eating technique and maybe your OBP will be a little higher than .318 (league average is .321) next season. But how can I blame AJ here, I would kill an infant to be in the Goose’s entourage. Cocaine, Strippers, Cheesesteaks. Look at this savage.