3 Orioles win Silver Slugger award


(saw this picture plenty of times this year)

The Orioles continue to win headlines(and not games) in the post season with a few silver slugger awards. The Orioles had the most players from one team this year; Adam Jones(OF), JJ Hardy(SS), and Chris Davis(1B). Hardy(.263 25 HR 76 RBI) and Davis(.286 53 HR 138 RBI) were well deserving of this award. I know Joneys led all AL outfielders with 108 RBI, but I thought there would be someone more deserving. After further looking into it, Trout and Tori Hunter were the only 2 that should have won anything. Adam Jones is a great hitter, but his .318 OBP is pathetic. Jacoby Ellsbury is a great player, but I don’t think he deserved a silve slugger. Same with Alex Rios, he put up great stats, but was on a shitty team. He probably would have posted 100 RBIs on a real team. Hardy’s only competition was Jed Lawrie who had a higher batting average and same the amount of RBIs, but only 15 HR.

The only other teams with multiple players to win silver sluggers were  Detroit, Pittsburg, and St. Louis, all playoff teams. This is a clear evidence that the Os need to improve their pitching staff. They had the best hitter in the AL at 3/9 of their positions and were unable to reach the playoffs. None of the Os pitchers will even come close to an award. I still laugh at the fact that Chris Tillman was an All-Star. An average ERA and high wins thanks to the Os offense got him there.

Os need to keep the bats around and bring in some pitching. Need to challenge the Yanks, Rays, and Sox batters this year.

Chris Davis amongst finalest for AL MVP


Davis, Miggy, and Trout are up this AL MVP this year. I think it comes down to Miggy and Davis. Trout did post extremely impressive numbers with .323, 27 HR, 97 RBI, 33 SB, 109 R, 110 BB, and a .432 OBP. He’s also a great fielder, but his team was pathetic this year. As much as I would love to see Davis walk away with the MVP, Cabrera was easily the best player in baseball this year to me. His .348, 44 HR, 137 RBI, 103 R, .442 OBP.636 SLG are pretty tough to beat. Davis Posted .286 53 HR138 RBI, 103 R, and .634 SLG. He led the league in HRs and RBIs but also struck out 199 times, 105 more times than Miggy. 

Baseball analysts have been placing a huge emphasis on WAR recently, and according to the scoring system, the top 5 are Trout(9.2), Josh Donaldson(8.0), Robby Cano(7.6), Miggy(7.2), and Machado/Pedrioa(6.5). Davis is getting shafted here because the AL 1st basemen are amazing, and also because he pretty much played first base every game this year. Kind of shocked by Donaldson, even though he was very good this year. I guess 3rd base was down this year. 

My guess would be 1.) Miggy, 2.) Davis 3.) Trout. I think Miggy is the definite 1 here with Trout and Davis being seperated by a few points for 2 and 3.

I would probably chose Trout to build my team around, mostly because he is a young and tough 5 tool playerplayer, but if I was to build my team around a player for one season, gotta go with Miggy. Hopefully I am wrong and Davis wins this. Would be a nice boost going into next season.